Madrid (First 5 Days)

August 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

So now we get to the final stage of the first part of my journey to Europe (it’s a two-part plan).  We did a lot more hanging out in Madrid, especially compared to Rome and Paris which were go-go-go.  Madrid is also my home for the next 4-5 months, so I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to see everything because I’ve got plenty of time.  As Jillian Vogel (a friend who also enjoys puns) pointed out, the last two posts have been rather long, so I’m going to keep this one shorter (I tried really hard to think of a pun for this sentence but I couldn’t.  Sorry).  I’ve got five months to talk about Madrid.  Here are some highs and lows from the first five days.


KNOWING THE LANGUAGE – This helped a lot.  A lot.  I would not say that I was fluent getting off of the plane, but I could communicate ideas and get around.  I’d also been to Madrid before, so I knew a little bit about the layout of the city.

PARKS – The parks here are expansive and beautiful.  A lot of shade, lakes, and cool statues and gardens.  It’s a great place to park yourself after walking around the city for a few hours (there you go Jill).  I’m hanging out in the Madrid parks over the next few months.  Believe you me.

HOSTAL ADRIANO – Cheapest/nicest hostel we stayed in.  It was more of a hotel room, with a private bathroom, free wifi (pronounced “wee-fee” in Spanish), air conditioning, and a lot of pink.  The staff was nice too, and very helpful in finding places to go (except for this one dude that lied about where to get Paella.  He sent us to a restaurant that didn’t have Paella).  It was also in a great location, only a few blocks from the Puerta del Sol, the center of Madrid.

METRO – The metro in Madrid is hands down the best one we’ve seen.  It’s fast, cheap, and it goes everywhere.  Walking is the best option for getting anywhere close, but I will be using the metro quite a bit to get across town or to-and-from school.

BOCADILLOS DE CALAMARES – Delicious.  I could have had an entire food sections, but this is all I would have talked about (and all Wade and Jack would have wanted me to talk about).  We found this one Bocadilleria (a store which sells bocadillos) on our first day in Madrid that sold incredible calamari bocadillos.  It was pretty close to our hostel, and I’m pretty sure that Wade and Jack ate at least one a day every day we were in Madrid.


THE WEATHER – It’s hot.  That’s the only way to describe the weather over the first five days in Madrid.  Hot (pronounced “hhaaut”).  It’s dry too, but it’s so hot during the day that it stays hot during the night.

NATIONAL JERSEYS – Nowhere to be found.

RUMMY – We did a lot of chilling in Spain, and when Wade, Jack, and I chill we usually play some form of Rummy together.  This is a very good thing, obviously, because it increases camaraderie through friendly competition.  So why is it in the cons list?  Well, I’m writing the blog and Jack happened to win the most games, and was therefore the champion rummy player of the trip (Wade was clearly the loser of the trip).  This is a very bad thing.

So there it is.  Our 15-day excursion through Europe condensed into 7,000 words (only 600 of which are in this last post, down from 3,000 in the post before).  I hope you realize that this has been two full posts in as many days.  Pretty impressive, I must say.  Pictures will follow shortly, and some of them may even have captions.  Hooray!  Until then, stay fly my readers.


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