Disclaimer About Germans

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

One of my readers wanted me to clarify and say that I do not believe Germans are bad.  She was worried that I used too broad of strokes while painting my picture of the German people, resulting in an unfair portrait.  I would disagree with her, and tell you what I think of her worries, but she’s my Mom and she reads this blog—I’ve also learned that she’s almost always right, even when I disagree with her (make that especially when I disagree with her).  I am in fact directly related to several Germans, and every one of them is lovely and kind-hearted (this is not said tongue-in-cheek.  My cousins from Germany are awesome).  Trust me, I would have been irritated at any group of children that sang songs and chanted on a hot and crowded metro train after hours of walking around Rome in August.  It just so happened that the group of people who did this were German middle-schoolers.  I’m sure if I had gotten the chance to talk to them I would have found them to be wonderful people.  Actually, that’s probably not true at all.  My guess?  Middle-schoolers are about the same everywhere, and previous experiences with those from American have showed me that trying to talk to one is difficult enough; trying to talk to a group of them is an exercise in futility and may cause emotional and/or physical damage.  Add in the language barrier and our location at the time and now you’ve got some serious problems.  Typing this out has made me come to the conclusion that my Moms (how Biggie would’ve said it) was right: the fact that they were German was far less of a problem than the fact that they were middle-schoolers on the metro.


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