For Your Viewing Pleasure (Pt. II)

August 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Okay, so here are 15 more pictures from my time in Rome.  For a little update, I’m currently in Valencia right now with three friends.  As soon as I’ve shared these photos I’ll update everyone on what’s happened since Wade and Jack returned to the U.S. (I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping everything up-to-date).  Enjoy these pictures of Rome for now, and in a couple days I’ll fill you in on everything that’s occurred in the last two weeks (I promise).  But enough about that.  Here’s a little visual guide of Rome.

So there you have it, five days in Italy with Wade and Jack.  I learned a lot about the places we went to (thanks to Ian) and I’ve tried to share some of that knowledge with all of you.  I hope I didn’t bore you, and please feel free to cite this blog in any historical or art papers that you may have to write in the future (I can’t guarantee you’ll get a good grade).  You may also be wondering why there are no pictures of the famous Cistine Chapel.  Well there would be, but security does its utmost to protect all of the images inside.  Not from any physical damage from flashes mind you, but from the even more devastating copyright infringement damage that could be done.  Apparently all images of the Cisitine Chapel are currently owned by a Japanese company, and they don’t like tourists infringing on their property.  Weird.  My next post will try to catch you up to where I right now : sitting in my apartment with sunburn on my back (and front and face) and tomato-induced rashes on my arms (it took me a few days to finish this post).  If that sounds like a story you want to hear, then stay tuned.


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